Hi! I’m full time professional Liverpool wedding photographer Ian MacMichael and I specialise in fine art documentary wedding photography. I also shoot weddings across Lancashire, Cheshire, Manchester, the UK and beyond.

      OK. So first, let’s get this out of the way.. I’m not a Wedding Photographer!

      Whoa! What??

      Well, let me explain…I’m not into standing around for hours ordering people about and taking every possible group shot. That’s not what I’m about, and, to be honest, that’s not what your wedding is about.

      You have something more important to think about, and so do I! 

      You can read about my approach here. 



      Liverpool wedding photographer

      I specialise in fine art documentary wedding photography. I passionately believe that weddings are about people.

      There are enough photographers around that want to manufacture images. They want to tell a story that they contrive and set up, even though that means ignoring the real and raw emotions of your wedding.

      I want to find the stories that already exist and tell them. Reality is much more interesting that anything I could make up!  Instead of manufacturing an image or scene that I think is an interesting version of what happened. I want to capture waht actually happens.

      I believe real stories – the ones we will tell our children and our grand children – are the ones that need to be told.

      Let me create the visual legacy of those important moments on one of the most memorable days of your life – exactly as they are:

      Beautiful. Fleeting. Emotional. Moving. Real.

      We love it! What do we do next?

      If photography is important to you and you want your wedding to be all about the love, emotions and moments and not all about being posed for photographs, then I’d love to talk to you.


      One of the world’s best wedding photographers 4 years running!