I totally understand that every wedding is, essentially, the same. However, that doesn’t mean every set of wedding photographs has to be the same, which is, let’s face it, what we see pretty much everywhere we look.

You wedding is as unique as you. The mix of people, the emotions, the interactions, the atmosphere, the moments and even the weather, are all a one off, never to be replicated again.

All these elements come together to make a wedding. Your wedding. If I’m thinking about organising groups of people, telling them where to stand, how to look, when to smile, then I’m missing things. Like those moments that make your wedding yours. They will pass unnoticed and not photographed. So, it’s possible that the individuality of your day will be lost. Forever.

Sure, you will have lots of images of people all lined up with their “smiles” on, but no true record of the emotions of the day.

I don’t come to your wedding with a preconceived idea of how it should look. Or even how it should be photographed. There is no one size fits all template as far as I’m concerned. Wedding images I shoot will be as unique and individual as you. Lots of photographers come to weddings with their own agenda of what they want to get. The hero shot that they spend ages constructing and posing, yet meanwhile missing what is the essence of your day. Your wedding starts to become about being photographed, or worse still, becomes about what the photographer wants to get for their portfolio.

I want to tell the story of your day without intervention or intrusion. Capturing the real moments and emotions as they happen before me, not as I set them up. All the elements of your day are important from the details through to the dancing. You spent time, effort and money on those things and they are important to you and have some meaning for you, so I will capture them.

If photography is important to you and you want your wedding photography to be all about the love, emotions and moments and not all about being posed for photographs, then I’d love to talk to you.


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