Carolyn and Kieran.

August 24, 2016

Smiles | Excitement | Memories

There are so many things to love about being wedding photographers. For one, getting paid to do what you love is amazing, right? Another incredible thing is getting to meet new people on the happiest day of their lives! It is absorbing to meet so many different people, observe their interactions and then record those connections and emotions forever.

Documentary photography.

Of course, we could come to a wedding and take over. Start telling people where to stand, hanging shoes on mirrors and getting people to jump in the air! But really though, why? Why would you want this on your wedding day? I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than a wedding that becomes a photo shoot. We will never do this. We believe in honestly and unobtrusively telling the story of your day in the raw. What happens as it happens. Allowing you to be yourselves and to get absorbed in each other and the day. This is what makes each wedding unique.

This is what we did for Carolyn and Kieran. They knew and understood the way we work and that we wouldn’t take over or control their day. This is when the magic happens, when the emotions are vivid and real, not directed and managed.

So much laughter, so many smiles and so  much fun! What a day with Carolyn and Kieran. Carolyn was one of the most excited brides we have seen this year and they were both totally immersed in their day. It was great for us to just stand back and capture all their fun and love between them and all their guests.

Working alongside other talented professionals like the team at West Tower is always a pleasure. We also worked with amazing wedding band Superfreak for the first time and they had the place jumping from the off! We are all striving to do our best every time for each bride and groom, making sure their day is as incredible as they hoped and dreamed.

Here are just a few images from their day….

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