Wedding Photography…What a [nearly] complete wedding edit looks like……..

February 4, 2014

Wedding Photography

We are often asked by people to see examples of complete weddings. We are more than happy to do this if we meet in person, but it is not so easy to do online. Generally, a final edited slideshow will will contain at least 350 images. For every wedding we shoot, a selection of images always goes on my blog to give a taste of the wedding which is usually around 40 images…..

So we have put together a short video which contains over 130 images. The idea is to give you more of an idea what our couple can expect to receive. A video of a complete collection would  be around 30-40 mins, so a bit too long for here! We believe, though, that this give an indication of the style and standard of the work we create.

We passionately believe that weddings are primarily about people, not venues, or tables or flowers or even the weather!  Therefore,  people are the focus of our photography. While we will shoot detail images and also some group shots, around 80-85% of the images in a final collection will be of the people celebrating the wedding together, and almost all of these will be photo-journalistic/ documentary in nature, apart from some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom. In fact, in this video, less that 10% are images of details like the dress, shoes and rings.

The wedding features Sarah and Alan who were married in St Mary’s West Derby with their reception at the gorgeous West Tower

Please select the HD version of the video, grab a drink and sit back and enjoy the video, it’s around 5 minutes long……

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