Lowry Theatre Wedding Photography

November 24, 2017

Lowry Theatre Wedding Photography

This was our first time as The Lowry Theatre wedding photographers! We’d been looking forward to photographing it for Claire and Johnny since their pre wedding shoot a couple of months ago. ! I started the day with Johnny and his best man in Manchester. Hazel was with Claire and her party in Liverpool.

Diversions and a bit of rain don’t get in the way!

The morning was fairly chilled out. apart from some panic when there was news that the main road out of Liverpool to Manchester was closed! This meant a rather long diversion, but still, everyone got t where they needed to be in time! johnny and the boys walked the 50 metres from where they finished getting ready to the church,  Elmwood Church in Salford. After their emotional ceremony, the guests stayed around in the church and enjoyed some tea, coffee and cakes. By the time we were ready to move outside for the group shots, the sky was looking black and there was a bit of rain in the air! However, this didn’t stop us though! We did the confetti and a couple of group shots with umbrellas!!

Windblown on the way to the Lowry Theatre!

All the guests started to head off for the short drive to the Lowry Theatre. There wasn’t enough room for everyone, so Hazel and I offered some lifts. Hazel took the bride’s mum and dad while i took 2 of the bridesmaids and one of the page boys. We also had some of the trees and stuff for the venue! By the time we got to the Lowry, the weather had turned and there was a gale blowing! The walk to the theatre across the plaza from car park was a head down and lean forward battle against the head wind. At one point, one of the bridesmaids was almost blown over, along with the tree she was carrying! however, we survived and swept into the foyer of the theatre in a flurry of rain, wind and bridesmaid dresses!

A short portrait session in a great building.

With an abundance of strong architectural lines to feature in the photos this made for a fun 15 minute session. We stayed inside the building and used some of the features to create some great portraits. We literally just walked form the reception room back to the drinks reception and managed to shoot in 4 entirely different locations! The staff at the venue were really helpful and made sure Claire and Johnny were happy all day. The guests then moved to the wedding breakfast. The speeches took place in between the main course and the dessert. It was particularly ironing that, for a bunch of people from Liverpool, many season ticket holders for the world’s greatest club (sorry!), that out of the window, we could clearly see Old Trafford. Most of us looked out of the other windows for the rest of the day!

Speeches and Dancing!

The speeches were heartfelt and sincere. Claire also made a short speech, which was lovely, but is remains quite rare for the bride to make a speech. there were loads of kids at the wedding which always makes for gret fun during the ve3ning reception. This was no esxception as the watched Claire and Johnny take to the floor with a a special first dance. It wasn’t long before lots of people were up dancing the night way!

We had an amazing time shooting Claire and Johnny’s Lowry Theatre wedding photography. We hope you enjoy this small selection of their beautiful photographs. You can see another recent wedding, shot naturally, here. 

What a day! If you want to discuss beautiful, natural and creative documentary photography for your wedding, please get in touch or call 07812 422 349.



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