Natural Wedding photography Lancashire

April 9, 2019

Natural Wedding photography Lancashire

We had an amazing day photographing Sophie and Phil’s wedding in our signature natural style. Sophie and Phil were looking for photography that would reflect their own plans for a wedding that wasn’t going to be overly formal.  Nothing too posed or contrived. All of which suits my style of documentary wedding photography. They wanted their Lancashire wedding photography to be as natural as possible.
What I do is pretty much all unposed and pretty laid back. There’s always space for a couple of group pictures if the couple wants them but we do them quickly and as painlessly as possible. You can read more about
how I approach a wedding elsewhere on this site.

People over poses.

Things happen at a wedding, things that make your wedding yours, unique to you, and if I’m busy ordering people around I’m going to miss those things. Your feet will be tired from standing and your face will hurt from smiling so much and you’ll have missed those things too. It’d be like those things never happened and all you’ve really got to look back at are groups of people, annoyed people, with forced smiles.

Uniqueness doesn’t have a template, it doesn’t have a formula and it certainly can’t be pigeonholed. If I came to your wedding with any idea about how it should be, should look or should not look, then that’s not your wedding. At least it’s not how your wedding should be documented.

I’m completely unbiased in the photographs I make. A sort of photographic democracy where one photograph is no more important than any other.

Where all things are equal, people the same as objects. Emotion and gesture and dancing and wine and doorknobs and fancy lights and funny faces and shoes will all be treated the same. Those things are yours on your day, and it all means something to you.

Real emotions instead of contrived setups.

There are plenty of people around that want to manufacture images. They want to tell a story that seems interesting and compelling, even if the truth is a minor casualty in that pursuit. We want to find the stories that already exist and amplify them. Give a voice to reality in all its realness. Rather than creating an image or scene that represents an interesting version of what happened, we want to capture life as it happens. This is exactly what we did for Sophie and Phil. We created a visual legacy of true emotional images that will be [powerful years from now. The staged group shots, well they’re ok, but the real memories are in those natural moments.

One of Lancashire’s best wedding venues.

It’s always a pleasure to be at West Tower. The staff is as awesome as the views across the rolling fields that surround it. It truly is an enchanted hideaway! There was so much love around all day, it made the job of capturing those real emotions a pleasure. What we’re most interested in on your wedding day is telling the story. The story of what actually happens. Not the story that we set up and control. The details of the day are important and we photograph those as we find them. you can see this in this collection of images from Sophie and Phil’s natural wedding photographs.

A special first dance.

Both Sophie and Phil are accomplished and tournament-winning ballroom dancers! In fact, ballroom dancing played a huge part in how they first got together! They treated us all to a brilliant performance for their first dance, expertly assisted by Steve Mitchell. A fittingly fabulous end to a remarkable day!

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer and interested in having someone tell the story of the day and the people involved then why not drop me a line for a chat about your plans.


A special first dance.

Both Sophie and Phil and accomplished and tournament-winning ballroom dancers! They treated us all to a brilliant performance for their first dance, expertly assisted by Steve Mitchell. A fittingly fabulous end to a remarkable day!

From a full-day wedding, you’ll normally receive around 400 fully-edited images in an online gallery where you can download them all, watermark-free to print and enjoy. You can also share the gallery with friends who can look through and use the store to make any purchases they like.

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If my photography style sounds like the kind of thing you’re looking for and you like my photographs then please do get in touch to enquire about your wedding date availability and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you haven’t had a response from me within 24 hours then please check your junk mailbox!

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