Peckforton Castle wedding photography

May 18, 2017

Peckforton Castle wedding photography

When I met with Jess and Ali to discuss their natural Peckforton Castle wedding photography, I told them what I tell every couple. Every wedding is the same. Yet, also, every wedding is completely different. This is because the people are different at every wedding. However, as well as the people being different, the emotions and interactions are different every time. That’s one of the amazing and challenging things about being a documentary wedding photographer. How to capture moments and memories that are a permanent record of the emotions of a wedding day. Of course, some photographers merely go through their set routine of standard poses and portraits. This results in mages that are detached and lack emotional connection. True documentary wedding photography will prioritise moments over poses. Capturing the “in between” moments is what we believe truly tell the story of a wedding day.

A personal connection.

Jess and Ali’s Peckforton Castle wedding is the story of two homes, two families and all of their friends. We have known Jess since she was born and her mum and dad have been friends of ours for over 25 years! So we were made up when Jess got in touch to discuss us shooting their wedding. It was still important for us to meet and for them to understand that we wouldn’t be taking over. We don’t make the day all about being photographed. When there is a personal connection to the couple, it adds that little bit of pressure and we were also invited as guests!

It was a gorgeous day and the team at the venue were very helpful and efficient. The ceremony room looked beautiful and the flowers by Ian Lloyd events were gorgeous!

Relaxed and Natural wedding photography.

We love to stay in the background at weddings, observing what unfolds rather than controlling events. We always try to make the group shots fun and complete them as soon as we can. This normally means they are done in around 15 minutes. Actually, at almost every wedding we shoot, we get comments about how quickly the group shots are sorted and  how they are done with a good dose of humour!

The light was becoming more and more beautiful into the afternoon, with golden light pouring over the castle and grounds. We took a walk with Jess and Ali and shot some stunning portraits with minimal direction. Letting Jess and Ali just hang out and relax after the intensity of the day and capturing their love for each other is far better than going through a range of pre determined poses. Well, we think so at least!

Peckforton Castle wedding photography…Party time.

Jess and Ali joined the guests on the lawns in front of the castle to soak up the sun and also get ready for the meal, speeches and partying! As guests, we got to sit and enjoy the meal with everyone, which was a treat! the speeches followed which were sincere, moving and also funny. Although the groom did come in for a lot of stick! After a quick turn around, it was time for the cutting of the cake and the first dance. Once Ali got the sword in his hands to cut the cake, I think he turned into King Arthur as he used it and chopped in to the cake! The evening entertainment was by a really brilliant band Harlequin.

Here a few of our fave images from the day, enjoy!

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