Wedding photography Queensberry albums..

September 21, 2014

Wedding photography Queensberry albums

We are delighted to share some images of Alan and Sarah’s breathtaking Queensberry album. It is a gorgeous piece, the work of an artisan team in New Zealand working to exacting standards in order to provide the best possible product to couples. We have been supplying these premium quality albums to our couples for the past couple of years and every time one arrives, we are again blown away by the entire experience. From the beautiful Onyx leather cover is so lovely to hold and touch, to the sumptuous black velvet back that it is presented in, all portray the luxury of this bespoke work of art. Seeing the images in print on the finest paper after being printed by experts is delightful and it is an absolute pleasure to be able to hand these pieces to clients. We know that they will be treasured forever and become family heirlooms to enjoyed not only now, but for the years to come.

The moment we hand an album over marks the end of our journey with a couple. We met Alan and Sarah over 2 years ago and have enjoyed a great relationship with them over that time. We had a great time with them on their pre wedding shoot, which can be seen here, and being part of their wedding day, a highlight video of which can be seen here, at the awesome West Tower, was incredible. We have become friends through sharing and recording these momentous life events for them and the album is the culmination of that. We know that they will love and treasure their Queensberry forever, and it is immensely satisfying and also humbling to be able to deliver such a product to them.

I couldn’t resist grabbing a few quick shots before we handed it over!
If you would like to get in touch to find out more about the service we provide, please call 07812 422 349 and we can arrange to meet up and discuss your specific requirements.

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